Today ansa, the newly launched analytics service for digital-to-store, has successfully passed the 200 campaigns served mark

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — ansa is the first solution to enable shopper marketers and agencies to measure the impact of digital marketing campaigns on in-store sales automatically, every day for any store location. The ground-breaking service leverages daily POS and inventory data from most major US retailers to maximize the impact of new product launches, existing item promotions, and seasonal offerings.

“ansa is bringing something new to the table for CPG shopper marketers: proof! If you’re working in an ecommerce business you can track ad spend to conversion every day, and most packaged goods companies with sales in brick and mortar have been envious of this. We are excited that more than 35 CPGs and their agencies have trusted ansa over 200 times to help prove and improve their campaigns, and to give CPGs what ecommerce has had for years,” says Michael Quinn, General Manager of Digital-to-Store ROI atRetail Solutions Inc.

The service is provided through ansa integrated ad partners such as MaxPoint, Valassis Digital, OwnerIQ, Eyeview Digital, Dedicated Media, MyWebGrocer, MediaMath and Retailigence.

“We are partnering with these top ad networks, to allow shopper marketers and CPG media planners to close the loop between marketing campaigns and in-store sales. Now they can know their actual impact on in-store sales lift and improve over time,” explainsMichael Quinn, General Manager of Digital-to-Store ROI at Retail Solutions Inc. “Many of the 200 campaigns we have served are New Item acceleration campaigns. Since ansa is a day/item/store level service we can help our partners trigger media the day after a new item starts scanning. No more waiting for ten weeks to get distribution build up – just turn on the ad where products are on shelf. Great value is often simple!”

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ansa is the flagship digital solution from Retail Solutions Inc., the SaaS company that turns daily POS data into opportunity – online, in the store, and on the shelf. ansa, powered by RSi, provides shopper marketers and media planners with the fastest, most efficient store level analytics in digital CPG marketing. How? Through its parent company Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), ansa can analyze daily store-specific sales for major retailers, including every Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Ahold, Walgreens and Family Dollar. RSi is trusted by more than 500 global CPG companies including such household names as Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle and Procter & Gamble. Using this data, ansa measures the incremental store sales from digital shopper marketing campaigns.

By the way, ansa is a Latin word that means “the connecting ends of a loop.” ansa closes the loop between advertising and in-store sales, which is why we love the name.

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