RSi Launches ansa, Ground-Breaking Service to Measure and Optimize Digital-to-Store ROI Every Day, Everywhere

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Global point-of-sale (POS) analytics leader, Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) today announces the launch of ansa, the first solution to enable brand marketers and agencies to cost-effectively measure the impact of digital marketing campaigns on store sales automatically, every day for any store location.

For more than a decade, RSi has been collecting, cleansing and harmonizing billions of daily downstream data records so that CPG suppliers can make better, more informed decisions throughout the supply chain and on the store shelf.  Today, RSi extends its retailer big data and analytics capabilities to the digital marketing domain.  By integrating RSi’s powerful POS data from 120 major retailers in more than 150,000 store locations worldwide with top ad networks and digital marketing platforms, brands and retailers are able to maximize the impact of new product launches, promotions, targeted store-level ads, and seasonal offerings.  With ansa inside, brands can run different programs and creative executions in targeted geographic areas or neighborhoods in order to determine which stores respond best to which deals and quickly measure the ROI of these campaigns in the most affordable and efficient way possible.

RSi has already partnered with leading technology companies, online ad networks and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to bring the power of proof to digital marketers. Dedicated Media, MaxPoint, MediaMath, News America Marketing, OwnerIQ, Retailigence, and Valassis Digital have integrated ansa inside their platforms to better understand campaign effectiveness, consumer behavior and store response – what’s selling, where and why.

“As the first partner to incorporate ansa data into our complete digital solution for closing the ROI loop, we have seen the incredible value that automatic retail measurement brings to our customers,” said Tom Dolan, SVP Enterprise Sales, MaxPoint. “The ansa service enhances our neighborhood-level targeting and delivery of powerful store-level insights, so our customers can make better strategic marketing decisions and create greater consumer demand from their media investments.”

Key features and business benefits of ansa inside partner platforms include:

  • Target consumers near neighborhood stores with the highest sales potential for the products that are being advertised.
  • Optimize campaigns in-flight by continuously monitoring how media is driving sales and reallocating funds to stores that are driving the most incremental sales of the products featured in a given campaign.
  • Trigger ad campaigns based on the first in-store scan to avoid media spend in areas where product is not in stock.
  • Measure the right metrics against campaign goals with proven sales lift methodologies (test vs. control) at the store level to ensure budget is allocated based on store performance.
  • Improve future campaigns to get the ROI expected, while delivering the sales needed.

“We want ansa to be the must-have tool used by brands, marketing agencies and DSPs to measure and optimize their efforts – finally connecting ROI to digital advertising in a real and concrete way,” said Jon Golovin, Chairman and CEO of RSi. “The introduction of ansa builds on our deep history and knowledge of downstream data while reinforcing our corporate mission to bring consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and shopper marketers the right insights, at the right time to deliver a great shopping experience every day, everywhere.”

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About Retail Solutions Inc.

Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi) turns daily POS data into opportunity. Every day, RSi transforms billions of records from more than 120 global retailers in 150,000 locations into actionable insights so that leading consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, and shopper marketers can guarantee a great shopping experience for everybody, every day, everywhere. RSi delivers these insights through proprietary algorithms; its suite of intelligent, cloud-based applications; and the digital-to-store ROI platform, ansa.  The company is trusted by more than 500 global CPG companies including such household names as Colgate-Palmolive, Nestlé and Procter & Gamble.  You can find ansa inside top ad networks and digital marketing platforms including MaxPoint, OwnerIQ and News America Marketing.  To learn more about the company, visit:

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