Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get Ansa inside my next campaign?

To get Ansa for your next campaign, just ask one of our ad partners for “Ansa inside.” Once you do this, our ad partner will automatically target, optimize and measure your campaign based on Ansa’s daily, store-level analytics. To learn more about our ad partners or to contact them, please click here.

Who can run campaigns with Ansa inside?

Ansa is for marketers and agencies who want to prove and improve their in-store performance at retailers like Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Ahold, Safeway, Walgreens and Family Dollar. Ansa is available for any CPG that is a client of RSi (our parent company) or for any CPG that wants to add Ansa to its marketing campaigns. Please contact us if you have any questions about Ansa’s availability for your next campaign.

Why should I run campaigns with Ansa inside?

Over 50 CPGs and their agencies ask for Ansa inside their campaigns, so they can automatically prove and improve their in-store performance. Campaigns run with Ansa inside are automatically:

  • Targeted to your most important retailer stores
  • Optimized based on real-time sales trends in each store
  • Measured using Ansa’s test vs. control methodology

Campaigns using Ansa targeting deliver an average spending efficiency of 180% vs. campaigns that do not use Ansa store-level targeting.

Campaigns optimized with Ansa typically identify and “heavy up” 16% of stores that are trending significantly ahead of the average store during a campaign and identify and “weight down” 14% of stores that are trending significantly behind the average store.

After each campaign, Ansa automatically generates test vs. control measurement of Featured Item Lift and Halo Item Lift at both the total event and week levels. Results are completed 5 business days after the end of each campaign and allow ad networks, agencies and CPGs to learn quickly and improve continuously, all at an amazingly affordable price.

Getting Ansa is easy (and inexpensive). All of our Ansa services are automatically included in your campaign when you simply ask one of our ad partners for Ansa inside.

What is the cost of incorporating Ansa into a campaign?

Ansa is included in campaigns for a minimal CPM cost. On average Ansa’s CPM is $0.50. These costs may vary by campaign size. For example, larger campaigns may have a lower CPM and vice versa. To find out what Ansa would cost for your next campaign, simply ask one of our Ad Partners to include Ansa in their proposal for your upcoming campaign. To learn more about our ad partners or to contact them, please click here.

Does a campaign need to be a certain length of time?

We have provided our service for campaigns as short as 10 days and for as long as 12 weeks. The average length of a campaign where Ansa has been included is 4.8 weeks. In general, we see relatively similar campaign performance (i.e. lift) for campaigns running 2-7 weeks.

Are there campaign budget minimums?

No. That said, we recommend:

  • Campaigns that use Ansa to target between 20% and 40% of your top-selling retailer stores. This range of stores typically allows you to maximize the % of sales you activated, while maintaining a high campaign spending efficiency (i.e. the % of sales your campaign activates / % of stores your campaign targets)
  • Campaigns that deliver 5,000 to 6,000 impressions per store per week, when those campaigns are targeted to larger format stores (like Mass Merchants and Clubs)
  • Campaigns that deliver lower ranges of impressions per store per week, when those campaigns are targeted to smaller format stores.

If you want a specific recommendation, or proposal for your next campaign, simply contact one of our ad partners and ask for a proposal with “Ansa inside”.

How different is Ansa from Nielsen, Datalogix or other campaign measurement services?

Our service is automatically integrated into all of your media campaigns at an incredibly reasonable price. We are designed for scale and our mission is to help marketers, agencies and ad networks continually learn and improve before, during and after every campaign. Ansa is not a periodic, or costly study that is received 6-8 weeks after a campaign has ended. With Ansa you will receive the most cost effective solution using the freshest, fastest and most granular analytics for maximizing performance at America’s largest retailers. Please contact us  if you have any more questions about Ansa and thank you for your business!



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