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What can Ansa bring to your campaigns?

Ansa, powered by RSi, brings store-level POS data to life for your digital Shopper Marketing campaigns. Our automated solutions for ad networks, media agencies and trading desks enable planning, targeting, optimization and measurement to impact in-store sales. When using Ansa, you will:

CPG-blue-Use campaign specific, historical sales data to inform planning and targeting, ensuring that the budget is used efficiently and wisely.

automationOptimize performance during each campaign by  tapping into automatic, real-time insights.

Ansa-yellow-newGain standardized, automatic sales analytics and measurement to continuously prove and improve your campaigns’ value.


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Why we do what we do?

Marketers need to spend their Shopper Marketing dollars smarter and want to close the loop between online advertising and in-store sales.

CPGs don’t have bandwidth to provide store-level analytics on every single campaign to their agencies.

Media buyers can’t easily access raw POS-data required to provide planning, execution and end-of-campaign analytics themselves.

Ansa helps you plan, target, optimize and measure campaigns based on daily POS analytics, without direct access to raw POS-data.

Ansa converts the best store locations to relevant geo lists for partners to use in the media buying process.

All the CPG does: ask for “Ansa inside every campaign” for a standardized, automated and scalable solution to measure every Shopper Marketing campaign.


How we do what we do

Access to Data

RSi is trusted to host daily store and item-level data on behalf of leading retailers and CPGs; this data enables analysis and measurements that few can achieve. Being a brand of RSi, Ansa can provide you with uniquely valuable insights.

Sales Analytics

Given the nature of POS-data, Ansa has developed proprietary methods to protect it. In the Ansa service, raw data is aggregated and indexed, so sensitive sales information never is compromised. Ansa uses a Test vs Control methodology for measurement of campaign lift, as well as historical averages to examine the whole media mix effect.

Web-based Solution

The Ansa user interface is accessible online and 24/7.   Available at the user’s convenience, the portal logs all historical campaigns for each partner.

Automation and Standardization

Targeting and optimization recommendations are automated to achieve the best use of each budget. The reports after a campaign using Ansa are fully automated and accessible in the portal only five business days after you finished serving media.



By the way, Ansa is a Latin word that means “the connecting ends of a loop”. Ansa closes the loop between digital advertising and in-store sales, which is why we love the name!

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